Formerly CM-CIC Paiement

Monetico Module

Secure payment module for Prestashop. Usable for CIC, Crédit Mutuel and Cofidis banks. Compatible with national and international bank cards. Secure payment on the Internet and secure payment on mobile phones. In compliance with the DSP2.


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Module FAQ and Tips

This is the address present in the module configuration. It is also called CGI2 URL.

You have to check with monetico that the CGI2 url is taken into account and corresponds to the one you have in the module configuration.

You most likely have a module that is plugged into the order validation, it needs to be unplugged.

Make sure you have filled in your identifiers, if the 3 test payments have not been made, in the case of a new EFTPOS terminal, make sure you switch the EFTPOS terminal to TEST mode in the module, send an email to specifying the number of the EFTPOS terminal, as well as the company code, asking them to switch the EFTPOS terminal to TEST mode.


Once their request is taken into account, it is necessary to make the 3 test payments, and to send an e-mail to the address asking them to open the TPE in production, specifying the TPE number and the company code.


Remember, once they have answered, to remove the TEST mode in the TPE configuration in the module.

You want to contact Monetico, a problem? A request? Here are the steps to follow in order to make a complete request and get a quick and accurate feedback.


You already have an EFTPOS:

To contact the Monetico technical support center, you can do so through this address: 

When sending your email, it is important to always provide this information: 

  • The EFTPOS number 
  • The company code 

This allows the centrecom to process your information as quickly as possible.


You do not have an EFTPOS:

In this case, it is important to contact a bank such as CIC or Crédit Mutuel in order to negotiate and subscribe to an online EFTPOS.

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